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The Baby Boomers, those Americans born between 1946 and 1964, constitute about 30% of the US population, and are living significantly longer lives than any past generation did, or could even imagine. With life expectancy having increased from 48 in 1900 to an astounding 78 in 2010, boomers, and those that have followed them, have been given an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy more years in which to reach meaningful goals.

How you prepare for your middle and late adulthood may determine the conclusion and quite possibly the meaning of your life. I can help you develop a personal, individualized roadmap that will serve you well as a reference point as you make transitions throughout your life. We never needed a map through this territory until recently, when we started to live extra years that we didn’t have available before. The Boomers are the first generation to live a cyclic life – as there are more years of life to live, for cycling in and out of careers, interests, leisure pursuits, taking up new challenges throughout – no longer following a set plan dictated by one’s chronological age.

Some middle-aged people can run marathons; others get winded climbing a steep stairway. Some have a sharper memory; however, others feel their memory beginning to slip. Many handle weighty responsibilities, while others, having made their mark and raised children, have an increased feeling of freedom and independence. Some have reached dead ends. Many want to reevaluate goals and aspirations, and decide how best to navigate the remaining part of the life span, to determine what they are supposed to with the precious time they have been allotted in this life. Together, we can develop your personal roadmap to happiness, fulfillment and especially, meaning.

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